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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Logan Lauded By Mother Earth News; Snow In Yellowstone

Snow fell in Yellowstone National Park overnight, prompting officials to temporarily close the road between West Thumb and Old Faithful over Craig Pass. Outbound traffic from Fishing Bridge to the East Entrance is still permitted - snow tires required. Temps tonight well be cold, but warm weather will return and this snow will melt. But, there is change in the air...

Logan City
Each year, MOTHER EARTH NEWS selects a handful of communities to highlight in their annual Great Places feature. Logan City made this year's list. See the article here. Below are excerpts.

“Everyone here is outdoorsy,” says Erin Evans, who moved to Logan in 2012 when she and her husband purchased Herm’s Inn, a restaurant that specializes in local food. “I can’t imagine living here and not wanting to be outdoors. The town is small enough that you can walk anywhere, and there’s a ton of trails that are hardly ever crowded, so bike riding is easy. Plus, the city offers free bus service, so it’s simple to get around without a car.”

The valley’s fertile soil was what first attracted Logan’s pioneer founders, and its richness still endears it to residents. Don Daugs, owner of Phoenix Tears Nursery, says Logan is a gardener’s paradise, where abundant vegetable gardens are the status quo. Logan’s Cache Valley Gardeners’ Market has grown like zucchini since its founding more than two decades ago, and it now features a wide variety of specialty booths, live music, fruit and vegetable vendors, and a vibrant crowd enjoying each other’s company as they stock their pantries and refrigerators.


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