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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Moab: A Destination That Could Change Your Vacation Plans

Delicate Arch - Photo by Dave Webb
LA based writer Lanee Lee to a trip to Moab and enjoyed it so much, she penned this glowing article published on

Her title: Rocking Red: A Few Days in Moab

Here's here lead paragraph: World, meet Moab, Utah. Like Disneyland for the outdoors, Moab is a magical place with sci-fi rock sculptures, fossilized dinosaur footprints, and Mars-red dirt adventures. John Wayne probably described it best, as “Where God put the West.”

It is fun to read her descriptions of places and businesses I know well. For example:

If you only do one thing: Hike to Delicate Arch, the Marilyn Monroe of arches.

Arches National Park: The epitome of a wilderness theme park.

Canyonlands National Park: As theatrical as the Grand Canyon, but even more visceral.

Dead Horse Point State Park: Stunning vistas of the sage-green Colorado River, which snakes its way between mesas 2,000 feet below.

Rim Tours: If you’ve never mountain biked before, they lead you with the patience of a saint, instructing beginners on basics with Zen-like advice.

Moab Adventure Center: Like Cinderella’s castle, it’s a place to make your wildest outdoor fantasies come true.

Moab Museum of Film: Movie buffs should stop by the exhibition of cinematic memorabilia at Red Cliffs Lodge.

Sorrel River Ranch: This is where the urban cowboy and cowgirl can hang their hat in ultimate luxury.

There is plenty more in the lively narrative.

- Dave Webb


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