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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Top Things To Do In Salt Lake City

I today stumbled upon these two interested items related to Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City: A Photographic Portrait

A new book, "Salt Lake City: A Photographic Portrait," is winning accolades for its "radiant pictures and vivid narrative." The Deseret News has this review. Here's a quote:

Almost like taking a beautiful tour of the city, this book encapsulates the history, splendor and must-see sites and places of interest in and around Utah's state capital.

Salt Lake City Things to Do has a rating system where they feature the "most viewed" attractions for given destinations. The page on Salt Lake City shows these attractions, in order of how many times related pages are viewed on the website:
      1. The view
      2. City Sites
The list goes on to show 20 attractions. Some are variations of previous listings. For example, above, the LDS Temple and Mormon Tabernacle are both located on Temple Square.

No. 20 on this list is "National Parks." The text refers to "Timpanogos National Park" and says: "This national park I had no idea existed before arriving, I sure as anything want everyone to know about it since."

The writer is obviously describing Timpanogos Cave National Monument.

I found the list to be interesting, it not totally accurate.

- Dave Webb


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