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Monday, June 10, 2013

Adopt A Wild Horse Or Burro

Wild horses and burros roam Utah's extensive open ranges – they are living symbols of the American West and important national resources. Some of the mustangs here are direct descendents of the original horses brought over by the first Spanish explorers.

But our range lands can only support a limited number of animals. When they become over-populated, surplus animals are made available for “adoption.” When given proper care, they can be gentled and make excellent riding stock. Many people say they make excellent pets.

Most of the open ranges are located on land controlled by BLM, and that agency manages the animals.

BLM will hold a Wild Horse & Burro Adoption June 14-15 in Kanab. It is being held as part of Kanab's annual Jacob Hamblin Days, which also includes a rodeo, cowboy poetry and other Western activities. The graphic below gives details about the horse & burro adoption. This pdf document has the schedule for Jacob Hanblin Days.


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