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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dead Sea Scrolls, 600 Artifacts Be Exhibited At The Leonardo

People in Utah will have a rare opportunity to see some of the Dead Sea Scrolls and other artifacts from ancient Israel, when a major exhibit comes to The Leonardo museum in Salt Lake City. The exact dates of the exhibit have not been announced but it will be sometime in the fall.

Scholars from Brigham Young University have been involved in the effort to translate the scrolls, and discover when they were written. Information about BYU's involvement will be showcased along with the artifacts.

KSL has this report about the exhibit. Below are excerpts:

Wednesday, The Leonardo museum announced that they would be showcasing 20 scrolls, including the oldest known copies of the Hebrew Bible, alongside about 600 artifacts from ancient Israel. They will display only 10 scrolls at one time.

Included in the exhibit will be portions of Genesis, Psalms, Exodus, Isaiah...

"It is a high compliment from Israel that Utah residents and visitors will be one of the few places in the country that will have the privilege of seeing the Dead Sea Scroll exhibition," Governor Gary R. Hebert said Wednesday. "The scrolls and the 600 other artifacts coming to Utah along with a several ton section of the temple mount 'wailing wall' will give many people a chance to experience a unique part of world history they might not have otherwise."

Read the full report.


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