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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Come To Utah To Find Happy, Flirtatious People

Utah has a well-deserved reputation as a friendly place. Come here and you'll be greeted by smiling people who will offer kind words and helpful advice. Travelers are always welcome at our parks and recreation areas and our festivals and events – even those in small communities.

Two new studies suggest you will also encounter happy people, and in some places you may encounter flirtatious behavior.

Flirtatious? That's correct. is out with a study that suggests Provo is the most ‘flirty’ city in the U.S. The website set out to discover is political persuasion related to degree of flirtatiousness. The preconception was that liberal-leaning people would be more flirtatiousness, but that proved to be incorrect. Provo consistently ranks as one of the most conservative cities in the country. The website had this to say:

“Given the conservative nature of most people in Provo, it is ironic how flirtatious and forward students often are when it comes to dating,” he said. “I believe this stems from people feeling more comfortable and confident because they know those around them have similar backgrounds and share commonalities.”

The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index reveals measures many factors that contribute to well being. The latest data was evaluated and compiled into a "Happiest States" list, with Utah coming in at number 4. The study's ranking of the 10 happiest states is given below.
  • Hawaii: 70.2
  • North Dakota: 70.0
  • Minnesota: 69.2
  • Utah: 69.0
  • Alaska: 69.0
  • Colorado: 68.4
  • Kansas: 68.4
  • Nebraska: 68.3
  • New Hampshire: 68.2
  • Montana: 68.0
Many factors go into the mix, including Utahns healthy lifestyle, our beautiful natural surroundings and our abundant recreational opportunities.

Happy and flirtatious. Not bad. Come enjoy the fun.

- Dave Webb


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