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Friday, March 01, 2013

Spring Events Kick Off At Some Utah National Parks

Ok, Bryce Canyon still has snow, cold and winter conditions but spring activities are starting at other Utah national parks.

Zion Park workers posted this on the park Facebook page:
It’s 73 degrees, birds are singing, and tomorrow the South Campground & the Zion Human History Museum open for the season! Must be spring!

From now until March 23, you can drive and park in Zion Canyon. From March 24, 2013 through October 27, access to the canyon will be by park shuttle only (except for guests staying at Zion Lodge).

The Zion Canyon area is located at a low elevation where spring comes early. Elevations are higher in other parts of the park and many areas are still closed by snowpack.

At Arches National Park, ranger-led Fiery Furnace hikes begin on March 2. The three-hour, ranger-led tour is a real adventure! We have video of the hike – see it here. Other ranger-led events will begin during the next several weeks.

All trails in Arches are open but some have ice right now. That will change quickly as temperatures warm during the next couple weeks.

Similar conditions exist in Canyonlands and Capitol Reef national parks. Areas that get sunshine are dry and in excellent condition. Shady spots may have ice right now.

Today I explored canyons in the Moab area and saw considerable snow on north slopes, but had no trouble driving and hiking. It is apparent that snow and ice is melting fast, with tiny streamlets trickling down adjacent hillsides.

Snow and ice patches are visibly smaller from day to day and will soon be completely gone.

March is a great time to explore and hike in these areas.

- Dave Webb


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