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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Don't Cancel Travel Plans Because Of 'Sequestration' Budget Cuts

Many people are concerned about the so called “sequestration” federal budget cuts, since it appears unlikely that the US Congress and President Obama will pass any kind of budget plan before the automatic cuts are triggered in March.

Federal properties, including national parks, could face cutbacks if the cuts actually go into effect. But we don't expect serious impacts for travelers. Go ahead with your plans to visit Utah's national parks.

While it does appear likely that Congress will miss the current deadline, the parties will probably work out an acceptable compromise before the automatic cuts cause significant layoffs and closures. Federal agencies have to make plans, just in case, but most will probably not have to implement serious cutbacks or closures.

Even if the full sequestration cuts take place, National Parks and most other federal properties in Utah would remain open to travelers. Our parks will continue to be open year-round. Services may be cut back a little – there may not be as many rangers patrolling trails and holding campfire talks, and the garbage cans may not be emptied as frequently as normal, but virtually all parks will stay open.

(There may be closures in specific areas where lack of manpower causes actual danger to human life or resources, but those spots will be few in number. Such closures are unlikely to affect popular attractions inside the parks.)

Anyway, Congress will be under extreme pressure to solve the crises and most pundits expect solutions to come quickly. So, plan that trip and get out here.

Colorado Riverway Path Funded
Event amid the sequestration crisis, Utah has just been awarded $900,000 in federal funds to continue construction of the Colorado Riverway Path, which is a non-motorized path that will link Moab, Utah, to Arches and Canyonlands national parks, the Colorado Riverway Recreation Area and surrounding public lands.

- Dave Webb


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