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Friday, February 22, 2013

Register Now For Easter Jeep Safari

The annual Easter Jeep Safari will take place March 23-31 in Moab. The event has become very popular over the years and attracts a huge number of people. If you want to participate you should register now. See the official website for details.

Moab is extremely nice during spring and many people who are not part of the official safari also flock to the area. Visitors are always welcome in town but need to be aware of issues including:
      • Motels and campgrounds will be full
      • The most popular trails will be crowded
The Safari offers guided trail rides (bring your own 4X4) over a wide assortment of trails. Officials work hard to spread people out and avoid overcrowding. However, people out on their own may overwhelm some of the most popular spots.

Law enforcement will be everywhere, working to keep people safe, quiet and courteous. There will be parties, but nothing too wild.

An “Expo” offers businesses a chance to demonstrate and sell products. SUV manufacturers often have concept vehicles to show and other businesses offer all kinds of products. It's fun just to see the new stuff and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

The Off Road Business Association has just announced it will hold its second quarter board meeting during the Jeep Safari. The meeting will be open to the public. See that announcement.

The Safari is a lot of fun, assuming you enjoy being around other people. Moab will not be a place for solitude during the 9 day festival.

- Dave Webb


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