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Friday, December 14, 2012

The Lone Ranger On Dead Horse Point

Our hearts go out to the people in Newtown, Conn. This is a good day to hug your children and say, “I love you.”

Last night on Conan, on late night TV, Armie Hammer talked about the new move, The Lone Ranger, which was shot in Utah. One sequence was shot at Dead Horse Point, one of Utah's most popular state parks, on a tower set on the edge of the cliff. It is included in the trailer and it is impressive.

Conan asked if the scene was computer-generated and Hammer talked about the challenges presented because they shot it live. Then they had a short discussion about Dead Horse Point. Here's a transcript of that part, and then we present video from Conan below.

Conan: “I'm stunned by that shot where you're on this giant structure. Is that CGI?”

Hammer: “No, that's real.”

Conan: “That looks crazy...”

Hammer: “That is a point called Dead Horse Point. You know if anything in nature is named after an animal it is pretty intense, and a dead animal specifically...”

Conan: “Right, never a good sign. No one says, let's go have a hamburger at Dead Horse Point.”

Hammer: “Right. You couldn't if you wanted to because you can't even get water on Dead Horse Point... ”

Well, actually there is water at the Visitor Center. But no hamburgers. Here's the video:


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