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Monday, December 03, 2012

Should Utah Bid To Host The Olympic Games – Again?

Utah hosted the 2002 Winter Games, considered one of the most successful Olympics ever. Most Utahn's think the games had a lasting positive effect on our state. Venues built or expanded to accommodate the Olympics are being used today by Utah citizens and vistors.

Ready to do it again?

Utah government and business leaders are ready, and are getting ready to make a bid. Utah Governor Gary Herbert posted these Twitter messages today:

The Olympic Games brought many benefits to Utah and would do so again. $5 billion in economic activity from last Olympics.+

Utah has become the winter sports capital of the USA. 40% of winter Olympians train or live in Utah.

The Deseret News has this article about the potential bid. Below is the headline and then excerpts.

Utah 'ready, willing, able' to host 2026 Olympics

"It's not a matter of can we do it. We've proven we can do it, and we can do it better than anybody in the world. We've got a great foundation to build upon," Herbert said.

The Salt Lake Games were widely heralded by the International Olympic Committee and the rest of the sports world as the best-ever Winter Olympics after overcoming both the impact of an international bribery scandal and 9/11.

A future bid would be "open and transparent in every aspect," Herbert said.

The state and city are well-positioned financially and otherwise, the leaders said. Existing venues and infrastructure would need minimal updates, and the transportation system and hotel lodging has been expanded since Salt Lake City successfully hosted the 2002 Games, officials said.


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