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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Powder Mountain Opens For Skiing Under New Ownership

Powder Mountain Ski Resort will open for skiing tomorrow, Dec. 5, offering skiing from 3 pm – 9 pm. The resort is expected to move to its regular, full-day schedule with a week or so.

And the resort has new owners. It was announced yesterday that a group called Summit has purchased the resort and will preserve its unique atmosphere. The group takes over management of the resort immediately, and will complete acquisition of the property early next year.

The Ogden-area resort is famous for, well, for deep powder and runs that appeal to serious skiers and snowboarders.

The Salt Lake Tribune has this article about the sale. Below are excerpts.

Powder Mountain’s new owners are young, hip, idealistic, accomplished and confident they have a business model that can preserve the throwback character of the upper Ogden Valley ski resort.

"We think we can do something great here," said Summit’s 27-year-old founder and CEO, Elliott Bisnow, noting the new owners have jettisoned previous plans to transform Powder Mountain with close to 4,000 dwelling units.

"We’re not trying to shake things up but enhance what’s here," said Thayer Walker, a Summit partner. "If we do things in a smart, incremental, sustainable fashion, we can preserve Powder Mountain’s character for years."

That’s because Summit’s mission is different than most companies, said co-founder Jeff Rosenthal. "We’re looking for a return on community rather than a return on investment."


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