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Friday, May 04, 2012

Bryce Canyon Astronomy Festival Will Be May 17-20

Bryce Canyon is known to have one of the "darkest skies" in the United States. Since it is located far from any city and is at a high elevation, the sky has little air and light pollution. The stars are incredibly bright - the Milky Way puts on an amazing show.

Capitalizing on those rare qualities, Bryce Canyon National Park hosts several "star parties" and other events every year. It also offers an annual Astronomy Festival. This year the festival coincides with an upcoming solar eclipse. The park will be one of the best places in the country to view the eclipse.

The park provided this information on the festival:

Looking for total astronomy immersion?

Join us for our 12th Annual Astronomy Festival (May 17-20, 2012) where for 4 consecutive nights, thanks to the Salt Lake Astronomical Society and the University of Utah, we will have 50 HUGE telescopes available for use by the general public. And on Sunday afternoon, just before sunset, join us for a "front row" seat of one of mother nature's rarest and most wonderful spectacles -- an annular "Ring of Fire" solar eclipse.

Bryce Canyon is the ultimate place to learn about and enjoy the splendor of the night sky. Far from the light pollution of civilization, and protected by a special force of park rangers and volunteer astronomers known as "The Dark Rangers," Bryce Canyon is the last grand sanctuary of natural darkness. The night sky at Bryce is so dark we can see 7500 stars on a moonless night! Here, Venus will cause you to cast a shadow! No visit to Bryce Canyon is complete without joining the Dark Rangers for one of their educational and entertaining celebrations of natural darkness.


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