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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Utah's Spring Fishing Action Heats Up

Fishing just keeps getting better and better in Utah, as more waters open up and fish become more active. Action is now very good at most waters around the state. Here are some highights.
Lake Powell is red hot right now for smallmouth and largemouth bass. It is also good to very good for striped bass, walleye, crappie and catfish. Spring action is peaking right now. As hot weather settles in the action will slow a bit, down to just extremely good, and continue good through the summer.

Sand Hollow Reservoir also offers excellent largemouth fishing right now.

Strawberry Reservoir now has open water and success has been sporadic. The action will become more consistent as the water warms a little. Even when success is inconsistent, Strawberry is a good choice because it offers big trout. Year in and year out, it is one of our best fisheries. I fished there last week and caught a very nice rainbow, as you can see in the photo.

Scofield Reservoir also has open water and good fishing. As with Strawberry, action will improve during the next couple weeks as the water warms a little.

Green River has very good fly fishing Mayfly hatches.

Flaming Gorge is good to great now for rainbows and lake trout. Smallmouth fishing will pick up there in 3-4 weeks.

Most of our other trout reservoirs are fishing.

Typically, our streams have high runoff this time of year. This year our snowpack is low; streams are running high but not nearly as high as in past years. Some are carrying a little muddy water but all of them are still fishable. Stream sections below dams are in great shape and offer good fishing.

I'm a serious fisherman and I love getting out this time of year. Lake Powell is one of my all-time favorite fishing spots and I plan to get down there within the week to enjoy the hot action.

Watch my Utah fishing report for more details.


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