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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Great Hikes In The U.S.

The title of this post comes from this Fox News report featuring three great hikes. The hikes selected are:
The article says this:

"Zion National Park's many desert canyons and sandstone wonders make it one of the United States' greatest destinations for hiking. The gigantic canyon walls and lofty red cliffs will inspire you with their quiet dignity and colossal grandeur. You will understand why the park took its name from a synonym for heaven. The Canyon Overlook Trail is one of the park's preeminent hiking trails. It enables you to reach high points from which to appreciate the scenery without the taxing efforts required by some other trails."

I am a bit surprised the report included Canyon Overlook. Sure, it's fine if you want a short, relatively easy walk with great scenery. But there are so many others in the park that are so much better, in my option. Zion is my favorite park and I love hiking there. I think the following are world class and represent the best of Zion Park:
There are plenty of other good ones, but those are my favorites for hikes that average people can enjoy. (Some park hikes are technical canyoneering adventures that require specialized skills and equipment. The Subway is semi-technical and should only be undertaken if at least one member of your group is an experienced canyoneer.)

- Dave Webb


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