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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Zion Park Climbing Routes Temporarily Closed To Protect Nesting Falcons

Peregrine falcons are nesting on some cliffs in Zion National Park. To protect them, park officials have temporarily closed some climbing routes.

The park provided the information given in this AP news article:

Zion National Park • Climbing routes on some Zion National Park cliffs will be temporarily closed to protect nesting peregrine falcons.

The park is home to a high concentration of breeding peregrine falcons, and park biologists will monitor their nesting activity.

Cliffs that have been closed but are not being used by nesting peregrine falcons this year will be reopened when nest sites have been determined, which is typically by early May.

Cliffs being used as nesting sites this year will be monitored until the chicks fledge, which is usually late July, and then will be reopened to the public.

Among cliffs currently closed are Angels Landing, Cable Mountain, The Great White Throne, Isaac, The Sentinel, Mountain of the Sun and North Twin Brother.


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