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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Strengthen Family Bonds On Multi-Generational River Trips

If you have even been on a whitewater river rafting trip you know they are great fun, especially when you are accompanied by close friends or family members. Such trips are great ways to strengthen ties.

Everyone - well, virtually everyone - loves river trips. It is great fun to be on the water. The rapids provide a thrill and the scenery is beautiful. The river carries you away from outside influences, from clients and smart phones and video games. There you are, surrounded by the people you care about, with no distractions.

On the river you depend on each other. Everyone has to pitch in. You have to cooperate.

Those are my thoughts. My friends at Holiday River Expeditions share similar ideas. In this blog they discuss the possibilities of taking a multi-generational river trip. Below are excerpts.

Blood is thicker than water, so goes the old adage, and days on the river with family serves to strengthen the ties that bind even more. This has proved especially true for multi-generational river trips, where interactions and memories from the youngest up to the oldest members are woven into the fabric of the family for many years to come—a legacy in memories.

“In four days, we spent more time together than we have in years together in the summers,” says Tricia Paisley, who celebrated her mother’s 70th birthday this past summer on the San Juan River with her family. “The setting equalized the playing field, everyone wasn’t going separate directions. We were all involved in the same activity and experiencing the novelty of this trip together.” She points out that often the teens separate out from the younger children, but on this trip they were all in it together, with a gaggle of cousins ranging in age from 6 on up to 18.

On a Desolation Canyon river trip, Susan Katz recalls how one of her sons, immersed in “high-powered career mode,” was in “stunned” at first with no email, cell phone, or computer. “But after a day, he was completely relaxed.” She adds, “What I loved about it is you got up in the morning and there was no agenda, you were eyeball to eyeball with family, talking and laughing together while eating breakfast.”

Read the entire blog.


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