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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Plan Unveiled That Would Connect Canyons And Solitude Ski Resorts Via Gondola

A plan was formally unveiled today that would put a gondola over the Wasatch Mountains, connecting Canyons and Solitude ski resorts. Proponents say it would increase skiing opportunities, reduce traffic and make Utah a much more attractive ski destination.

Four members of Utah's Congressional delegation today unveiled legislation to facilitate the project.

Opponents are concerned it could negatively impact Salt Lake City's water supply and cause other environmental damages. has this report about the proposal. Below are excerpts.

“SkiLink creates a game-changing advantage for Utah and for the U.S. snow sport industry,” said Mike Goar, managing director of Canyons, a Talisker Mountain Inc. resort. “It would establish Utah as the most interesting and convenient mountain destination in the U.S. and will positively benefit our local economies."

Goar said the eight-passenger SkiLink gondola will have the capacity to transport 1,000 people per hour each way and is projected to transport skiers between Canyons and Solitude Mountain Resort in just 11 minutes.

"This is short-sighted and being done to circumvent the existing planning processes," said Jeff Niermeyer, Salt Lake City's point man for watershed protection.

Niermeyer, the city's director of public utilities, said he believes Canyons' traffic analysis is flawed, adding that the gondola is masquerading as a transportation solution when it is "really about ski area expansion."

Read the entire report.


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