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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Good, Cheap Utah Restaurants

During the past few years, several Utah restaurants have been recognized as outstanding, comparable to the better establishments on America's east and west coasts. Places like Park City, Deer Valley and Sundance have many good restaurants, and a few that are great.

This article is not about those world-class eateries. It's about small, neighborhood restaurants that are outstanding, and inexpensive.

This Salt Lake Tribune has this interesting article: Dining review: Top 10 cheap eats in Utah. It toutes the restaurants listed below.
  • Cottonwood Heights Cafe - Cottonwood Heights
  • The Other Place Cafe - Salt Lake City
  • Vertical Diner - Salt Lake City
  • Sunshine Cafe - North Salt Lake
  • Tasty Thai - Salt Lake City
  • Nachos Libre - Salt Lake City
  • Cinegrill - Salt Lake City
  • Big Ed’s - Salt Lake City
  • Koko Kitchen - Salt Lake City
Read the complete article for details.


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