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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

‘Wall Of Dinosaur Bones’ Will Open On Oct 4

The Quarry at Dinosaur National Monument will reopen on Oct 4, after being closed while the building that shelters it was rebuilt.

The new Visitor Center is now open.

The Park Service provided this information about the reopening:

The new Quarry Visitor Center IS OPEN! Its sister building, the Quarry Exhibit Hall will open October 4th.

The Exhibit Hall houses 1,500 dinosaur bones still embedded in a cliff.

If you visited the monument in the past and remember driving up a hill to a building that was both the fossil quarry AND visitor center in one building, that is no longer the case. The buildings are now a half-mile apart. The visitor center has been completed but the quarry isn't quite done yet.

Rangers recommend that you postpone your visit until at least October 4th if at all possible when the quarry will open. If that is not an option, a few dinosaur fossils can be seen along the Fossil Discovery Trail.


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