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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Salt Lake City Expands Bike Lanes

Salt Lake City is adding bike lanes on many important streams, and is becoming much more bike friendly. Some new lanes are open now and others will open during the next few weeks.

The Salt Lake City website has good info about biking, along with maps showing existing routes. New routes will be shown on those maps as they are completed.

The Salt Lake Tribune has this new article describing the new bike lanes and the city’s plan for expanding options for bikers. Below are excerpts.

By winter’s start, about 50 miles of new and improved lanes will have been added to the capital this year, along with bike parking corrals and more bike symbols to help both motorists and cyclists stay safe. Salt Lake City may not be quite as bike-friendly as a city like Portland, Ore. — yet — but the mayor’s office is working on it.

Officials believe the city’s number of bike commuters may be on the rise and are in the midst of an bike count through volunteer observation, with results expected in the coming weeks. Many of Saturday’s participants said they used their bikes to ride to work, to go to dinner and meet friends. And at a time when money is short, biking saves money on gas.

Shared lane markings have been popping up around the city to indicate that drivers and cyclists share the lane even though there is no separate bike lane. The symbols are expected to appear soon on 800 East, 500 East and South Temple. The public is welcome to give the mayor’s office feedback on these and other bike designs at


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