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Monday, September 19, 2011

Lake Powell Ranks With Best Non-Ocean 'Beach' Destinations

Wanderlust on has this interesting list of what it calls the 5 top non-ocean beach destinations, and Lake Powell is mentioned first in the article.

The report includes a nice video showing stunning shots of Lake Powell, along with this text:

Lake Powell, Utah: Beautiful Lake Powell is located among the red-rock canyons of Utah. For the athletic types, there's everything from kayaking to hiking; for the not-so-athletic types, there are plenty of houseboats available for lazing about. Fun fact: The lake has more shoreline than the entire West Coast.

Interestingly, the quote above puts the lake in Utah, and the paragraph even has a link to our website (, but the video has a map putting the lake in Arizona.

In fact, most of Lake Powell is located in Utah. A small portion, including the largest marina (Wahweap) is located in Arizona.

Fall is perhaps the best time of year to visit Lake Powell. Summer's heat is abating; air and water temperatures are perfect. This is a great time to boat, ski, fish and hike.


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