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Friday, September 09, 2011

MOAB BOOGIE 2011 Balloon Jump

A very interesting series of events will take place in Moab over the next few weeks, when people parachute from hot air balloons. Along the way, the see spectacular area scenery from a unique perspective.

There are still spots available for people who want to jump, and also for passengers who stay in the balloon balloons.

Six sunrise balloon flights are being offered, with a total of 60 tickets available.

This website has details. Below are excerpts.

A Balloon Jump in Moab is a world class experience and Skydive Moab has worked to make that option possible.

All tickets will be sold in Advance : Simply Purchase Flight Voucher and select Preferred Flight Date then check back to confirm spot on manifest which may be weather updated the night before flight.

Spectator Passengers experience the thrill of watching their friends and family “base jump” from the basket with only 20 seconds of free fall to stabilize and pull their chutes….followed by an intimate tour of the Canyonlands and Arches National Parks as the balloon returns to earth in search of an old mining road or other suitable landing spot in the delicate desert landscape. This can take up to another 45 min of breathtaking flight across the ancient sea beds frozen in time.


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