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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brian Head Opens Revamped Terrain Parks

Brian Head Ski Resort in southwestern Utah has improved and expanded two terrain parks, called Junkyard and Progressive. The revamped parks have now been reopened, according to this news release on Below are excerpts.

Between the two parks, there are many new beginner, intermediate and advanced features. There is likely something for every rider & freeskier in any family.

“The Junkyard Park is probably the favorite park for more advanced riders,” said Austen Armstrong, Brian Head’s Park Director. Armstrong sculpted the park along with his park crew, including “diggers” Chris Pickering, Scott Hunter, and Vance Rowley.

Located along the Wildflower chairlift, Junkyard features four air-producing jumps ranging from 10’ to about 35+’, the new jump line is the highlight here. It includes five jumps, several rails, boxes, logs, a Red Bull bonk and an actual Land Rover vehicle with a fully functional sound system pumping out tunes.

In total, Brian Head’s terrain parks offer over 20 jib-worthy rails, boxes and snow-only features like berms and rollers, plus about 10 jumps of varying styles and degrees of difficulty. Additional jumps and jib features will be expanded in the coming weeks by Armstrong and his team. Armstrong finds park designing to be as much art as engineering. He is always working with an eye on keeping the flow pattern fresh and constantly can be found in his snowcat tweaking features as storms pass through, adding to Brain Head’s 2010-2011 season total of over 200 inches of The Greatest Snow on Earth.


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