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Utah Travel Headlines

Friday, February 18, 2011

Highway 12 Called Best Drive in the American Southwest has this article on Highway 12, Utah's All-American Road. The article offers glowing accolades for the scenic highway, but also includes information that is misleading.

The article has this sub-head: Stunning and Seldom Driven, Utah's Highway 12 leads to expansive red-rock vistas, slot-canyon hikes, and surprisingly lively ghost towns.

The road is actually quite popular - hundreds of people drive it every week. Traffic is light compared to major highways, but you are not going to find solitude along Hwy 12.

I have no idea where the "lively ghost towns" mentioned are located. The highway passes through lively small towns, but they are not dead or ghost-like.

In the paragraph below, the writer talks about the highway winding into the Henry Mountains. That's wrong. It winds across the eastern side of Boulder Mountain. The Henry Mtns are located farther south, down near Hanksville.

Torrey is the northern terminus of Highway 12-we hadn't even made a dent in our drive yet-but the next day, Kelsey and I hit the road in earnest, winding into the Henry Mountains, the last-mapped range in the continental U.S. As we climbed, pines and aspens crept in among the junipers, and views of burnt-red canyons punctuated the forests. South of the Henrys, we pulled into the tiny town of Boulder.

In the sentences below, the writer refers to the town of Escalante being on the edge of Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. The national monument wraps all around the town. Hwy 12 runs through the monument for miles on both sides of town.

About 18 miles south, Kelsey and I arrived in Escalante, a town at the edge of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument ( The park contains more than a million acres of canyons...

- Dave Webb


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