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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Salt Lake City Has Second Best Public Transit In US

US News & World Report is out with this new study ranking public transit systems in US cities, and Salt Lake City holds the number 2 position. Below are excerpts from the study.

Salt Lake City earns its No. 2 spot in large part because of its heavy investment in serving a large suburban and exurban population. It is the No. 1 city in the nation in terms of public transit spending per capita, one reason being the current expansion of the Utah Transit Authority’s light rail system, known as TRAX.

...though the city’s population is just over 180,000, the system serves 1.7 million people in the larger area. Those residents take great advantage of the system...

The Deseret News has this article about the ranking. Below are excerpts.

"By transporting people to work, school, local attractions, and health care facilities, public transit can reach into nearly every area of city life, from public health to tourism," the publication states.

Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker said that the latest recognition is a "reflection of the priorities for the city we all share."

Utah's capital city fell just behind Portland, which leads the nation with a convenient, multi-faceted system. New York City was listed at No. 3 in the report due to the sheer numbers its transit system serves, accounting for 40 percent of the nation’s total transit trips in 2008.


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