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Monday, May 04, 2009

Utah's Camping Season

Hwy 163 in Monument Valley

Here are more question and comments, submitted by visitors to our website.

Question: I would like to know when the state park opens for camping for the season.
- Suzanne

Answer: Most Utah state park campgrounds are open year-round. They become very busy at this time of year and so advanced reservations are encouraged. To reserve a site, call 800-322-3770 toll free from outside the Salt Lake area, or (801) 322-3770 from the Salt Lake area.

Many Forest Service campgrounds are located at higher elevations where snow prevents access during winter. Many such campgrounds are open from mid- or late-May through September. Check our website for details about specific campgrounds.

Question: In the movie, Forrest Gump, I saw a scenic road in Utah where Gump was walking on it with people following him. Can you tell me the name and location of that place please?. Thanks.
- Isam

Answer: Gump is running along Hwy 163 in Monument Valley when he decides to end his cross-country trek. He stops, turns to the group following him and says he is tired and has decided to go home.

Hwy 163 showcases our classic western landscape. It has appeared in countless Hollywood moves and TV shows.

Comment: We would like to say how great the Park rangers at Goblin Valley State Park are. We had a hospital emergency and cell phone wouldn't work in the area. The rangers were willing to locate our family members and get them to a phone to use. We were so greatful for them and the service they gave to us.
- Gary


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