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Friday, May 01, 2009

Primitive Camping In Utah

We receive many interesting questions through our website, including this one:

There used to be places near Upper Provo River, in Logan Canyon and in the Bear Lake Valley where you go off the road aways and camp rustically to avoid the crowds of established campgrounds. Could you tell me if there is anyplace like that in Northern Utah anymore?

- Kathleen

Answer: Yes, there are many such places. Much of northern Utah is National Forest land and is open to camping.

In heavily used areas, camping is restricted to developed campgrounds. That is the case along Hwy 150 in the Uintas and Hwy 89 in Logan Canyon, and other popular areas. But if you drive the backroads away from the developed areas, you will find many spots where you can camp away from it all.

The same is true on the Forest Service and BLM land in southern Utah. If you drive dirt roads, you will almost always come to spots where you are free to camp. There won't be any facilities, no toilets or drinking water, so you need to be self-sufficient. But that is part of the fun.

In much of Utah you can backpack away from the roads, and camp on public land along the way.

Private land is usually closed to camping.

It is important to find out about the areas you plan to visit. Who owns the land (is it private or is it Forest Service or BLM)? Are there special regulations? Most regulations are posted on roadside signs, so pay attention as you travel. Stop at area visitor centers and learn about the popular spots, and the backcountry, and about special regulations.

Camping is extremely popular in Utah. It is inexpensive and can be very enjoyable. It's great fun to escape the crowds and enjoy the backcountry.


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