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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Explore Utah's Geologic Wonders

BYU Newsnet has this article describing a book that can help people understand Utah's unique geologic wonders. Below are excerpts.

"The Geologic History of Utah" a book written by retired BYU professor, Lehi Hintze and Bart Kowallis, professor of geology, serves as a guide of Utah rocks and geology that can be used by both professionals and the average tourist.

"Salt Lake City has the greatest variety of geology than any other place in Utah or the world," Hintze said. "On one side, the Wasatch Range has its geology and on the other side the mountains have a completely different geology. The Wasatch Range is much more diverse in geology than the Grand Canyon."

"I don't think Utah has just one gem, it has a lot of them throughout the state," he said. "I love the national parks but I also love our own little rock canyon here which has wonderful geology in it."

The book, which is available to students in the geology department office, has sold more than 25,000 copies since its first publication. It sells for $25.

According to a press release, the book is also available at most visitor centers and bookstores in Utah's national and state parks.


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