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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Fishing Heats Up Now That The Weather Is Nice

Fishing is becoming very good at several Utah waters, now that temperatures have warmed and the rain has stopped (at least for a few days).

Ice has pulled back at Strawberry and Scofield reservoirs and people are fishing the resulting open water. "Ice-off" is considered one of the best times to fish those two reservoirs. Big trout cruise along the edges of ice sheets and readily take baits or lures.

The ice will be completely gone from both reservoirs within a few days.

Lake Powell is red hot right now for smallmouth bass fishing. The bass are in shallow, spawning areas so they are easy to find. The are aggressive and hit jigs or lures. Smallmouth can be found in spots where broken rock comes down into the water. Largemouth bass are found near brush.

Fish are running bigger at Powell this year. It looks like success will be a little slower, but fish will be fat and healthy. A new Utah-record crappie was caught there recently.

A "little slower" at Lake Powell still means fishing will be great. Instead of catching 70 stripers during an afternoon, you may only catch 50.

Our streams are now running high from spring snowmelt. Streams are dangerous at this time of year, so take care. Most streams are fishable but the high water has displaced bugs that are normally found on or near the surface. Talk to the guys in the fly shops for the latest information on water flows and patterns.

Me, I'm heading to Powell for a long weekend. Conditions look perfect. I'll be sending trip updates via Twitter while I'm down there. Follow me on Twitter.

- Dave


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