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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Colorful, Mystical Rock Formations Make Bryce Canyon A Hiker's Heaven

The Kansas City Star has this interesting article about hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park. Here are excerpts:

I had already noticed the preponderance of different languages as well as accents. But Bryce is pretty remote - 250 miles or more from either Las Vegas or Salt Lake City. So what's the draw?

"They all come for one thing - to see these spectacular rock formations call hoodoos," (Ranger Jan) Stock said.

Just like me. Nowhere else can you find so many curious ... mystical ... otherworldly ... just how the heck do you describe these things?

Some sources say the word "hoodoo" is associated with things that cause bad luck and is a variation of the word "voodoo." Or maybe the two words are connected just because they rhyme.

The Paiute Indians who once lived here had another explanation. As told by Stock, the Paiutes said the hoodoos were the remains of the Legend People, creatures who could turn themselves from one shape to another.

The coyote grew increasingly annoyed at these very selfish beings, so he created a ruse, inviting them to a large party or banquet. When they arrived, dressed up, made up and even transformed into their favorite beings, he told them they had been tricked and turned them all into stone.

Now that's a story.


  • At 4:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Actually ... one could see it as those people were given eternity.


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