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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Brian Head Resort Adds Ski Interconnect

Brian Head is buys installing new interconnect lifts and a ski trail system that will join its two mountains (Navajo and Giant Steps). Beginning this season, skiers and snowboarders of all abilities will be able to enjoy both mountains by skiing/riding instead of driving between the peaks.

The interconnect system consists of two new lifts and a ski-over bridge. Chair Lift #1 will cross over State Highway 143 to Navajo Mountain, replacing the historic Chair Lift #1 that was removed from service in 1993. A new second chair lift, Lift #8, will start near the bottom of the new Lift #1, and will transport skiers to mid-mountain of Giant Steps. Skiers will be able to cross over Highway 143 via the skier bridge under Chair Lift #1.

The interconnect system will expand the resort’s existing trail capacity by nearly 35% and will allow skiers and snowboarders to circulate freely between Navajo and Giant Steps Mountains. The system will also dramatically increase accessibility by creating expanded lift access to the entire resort.

The interconnect project, including expanded snowmaking on many of the new runs, is on schedule to be completed by the start of the 2007/2008 ski season.

The Brian Head website has more details.

This article describes the upgrades.


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