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Utah Travel Headlines

Monday, July 30, 2007

Utah Offers New Road Map - Free

The State of Utah has come out with a new, official highway map that features vivid photos and emphasizes the theme, "Utah - Life Elevated."

This newspaper article describes the map. Here are excerpts:

Howie Garber's photograph of a backcountry skier in the Wasatch Mountains adorns one cover of the fold-out highway map, developed by the Utah Department of Transportation with assistance from the Office of Tourism. The other cover highlights the state's desert landscape, using James Kay's photo of a hiker in a slot canyon along the Dirty Devil River.

Eight other scenic pictures of the state are incorporated into the map, one for each of the five national parks in Utah plus shots of sailing on the Great Salt Lake, an Anasazi granary in Canyonlands National Park and Sundial Peak reflected in Lake Blanche above the Salt Lake Valley.

The map will be available free of charge at travel information centers and can be ordered online.


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