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Monday, June 18, 2007

Bear Encounter Prompts Warning For Campers

A young boy camping with his family in American Fork Canyon was killed by a black bear Sunday evening - the first known fatality involving a black bear attack in Utah.

The bear was tracked down and destroyed.

Bear trouble is rare in Utah but several encounters have been reported this spring. Black bears live in Utah's backcountry and usually shy away from humans. There are no grizzly bears or other bear species in Utah.

These two newspaper articles report about the fatal encounter: Deseret Morning News article; Salt Lake Tribune article.

Few specific details have been released about the attack. In general, if you keep a clean camp you can avoid bear problems. Do not leave food scraps around camp and never take food into your tent.

Utah's Division of Wildlife Resources offers this info to help people avoid bear problems: Safety in black bear country


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