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Monday, June 11, 2007

Rotary Convention Will Bring Crowds To Salt Lake City

Some 21,000 Rotarians from all of the world will arrive in Salt Lake City during the next several days. They are expected to fill hotels throughout the Salt Lake City and Park City areas, pack downtown restaurants and crowd entertainment and recreation spots.

The Salt Lake tribune has this article on the Rotary Convention. Here are excerpts:
Not since the 2002 Winter Olympics has Salt Lake City geared up for such an international assembly of guests.

"We're excited for Rotary. It's a big one," said Salt Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) spokesman Shawn Stinson. "It's a prestigious group, well-respected and the Rotary convention is truly an international gathering."

To accommodate the crowds, the Salt Lake CVB lined up 51 hotels in the county to block out varying numbers of rooms for visiting Rotarians.

The Rotarians will bring in a number of august speakers to address the conventioneers. William H. Gates, Sr., father of Microsoft founder Bill Gates and a philanthropist in his own right, will be the keynote speaker at next Tuesday's plenary session.

Read the entire article.


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