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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Utah Fishing & Hunting News

Utah's Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) provided the information below:

Fishing Limits Increased on SW Utah Waters

Upper and Lower Enterprise reservoirs in southwestern Utah will be
drained by August 1. The DWR has changed the fishing regulations at the
two waters, and at Little Pine Creek, to give anglers a chance to take
fish that will be lost when the reservoir is drained.

The changes apply to Uppder and Lower Enterprise Reservoirs and to Little Pine Creek (the outflow from Lower Enterprise Reservoir, for approximately 1.5 miles)

- Effective June 11, 2007 the daily bag and possession limits will be increased to eight (8) trout in the aggregate, and twelve (12) smallmouth bass without size restrictions.

A fish consumption advisory was recently issued for Upper Enterprise Reservoir due to elevated levels of mercury found in rainbow trout. Further information regarding this advisory can be found at signs posted at the reservoirs or by contacting the Utah Department of Health.

Timing Could Save You Money When Buying Deer & Elk Hunting Permits

Utah general season elk hunting permits for this fall's hunts, and buck deer permits not taken in this year's big game draw, go on sale at 8 am on June 14.

Starting July 1, hunters who don't have a valid 365-day small game or combination license must buy a hunting (small game) license or a combination license before they can apply for or buy a hunting permit.

If you buy your deer or elk permit before July 1, this requirement won't pertain to you.

On the other hand, if you have a small game or combination license that's valid after July 1, you should consider waiting to buy your permit. The cost for a general deer and elk permit will be reduced on July 1, and you'll save money by waiting.


- If you have a 365-day small game or combination license that's valid after July 1, you'll save money by waiting until after July 1 to buy your deer or elk permit.

- If you don't have a small game or combination license that's valid after July 1, you'll save money by buying your deer or elk permit before July 1.

- If you decide to wait until July 1, you run the risk that permits might be sold out by then. However, based on the number of permits that are still available, Division of Wildlife Resources.

officials do not believe that will happen. (About 23,000 general bull elk, 12,000 Northern Region general buck deer and 8,300 statewide general archery buck deer will go on sale June 14.)

Here's more info on the license fee changes.


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