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Friday, June 23, 2006

St George Named Dream Spot for Retirement

AARP The Magazine commissioned a team to search the US for five Dream Spots for Retirement. The selections: Las Cruces, N.M., Charleston, S.C., Rehoboth Beach, Del., Memphis, Tenn. and St. George, Utah.

Excerpts from the article are given below:

“Much of the appeal of St. George lies in its myriad opportunities for hiking, biking, and other fitness activities in the red-rock cliffs that surround the town. Both Nora and Pat play pickleball—a fast-paced racquet game popular in the area—and since moving, they have also bought bicycles. ‘And on Sundays we try and make it a point to take the Jeep off-roading, because there's such great territory to explore,’ says Pat. ‘We could never have afforded this kind of life back in California,’ adds Nora.

“Retirees here get Arizona weather and scenery but also enjoy Utah's tax advantages.”

Read the entire article.

CBS News ran a story about the article, explaining that selection criteria included taxes, affordability, walkability and recreational opportunities. The CBS News website includes the story and a video clip. You can see them both here.


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