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Friday, May 26, 2006

Panguitch Lake Reopens to Fishing

This is a news release from Utah's Division of Wildlife Resources:

One of Utah’s Best Trout Fisheries Opens Just in Time for Memorial Day

Panguitch -- A total of 20,000 trout were stocked into Panguitch Lake this
morning, just in time for the Memorial Day weekend.

Located southwest of Panguitch in the Dixie National Forest, Panguitch Lake
was treated with rotenone on May 2 to eradicate Utah chubs from its waters.

Rotenone is a natural fish toxin that is produced in South America. Chubs
made up more than 95 percent of the total fish in the lake and are
considered a nuisance fish, as they out compete trout for food and space and
are not utilized as a sport fish.

“Our aquatic biologists have been monitoring the toxicity of Panguitch Lake
since the rotenone was applied earlier this month,” says Doug Messerly,
regional supervisor for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. “We are
very pleased that the lake is now suitable for fish to be returned and that
we can reopen it to fishing for the Memorial Day weekend.”

On the morning of May 25, 20,000 catchable trout (8 to 10 inches in size)
were released into the lake. The 20,000 trout should provide enough fish to
keep fishing good for some time.

The lake is scheduled to receive more trout as the summer progresses, and
fishing at the lake should be great well into the future.

“Panguitch Lake has always been one of Utah’s best producing fisheries,”
says Mike Ottenbacher, regional aquatics manager for the DWR. “These fish
that we are planting now will grow rapidly this summer and will weigh in
excess of 1 pound to 1½ pounds by fall.

“Meanwhile, people can enjoy catching them now and take a few home to eat,”
he said. “It will be good to see Panguitch Lake producing some good fishing

Every year thousands of anglers visit Panguitch Lake to take in the natural
beauty of the mountain and sample some of the trout that thrive in the lake
and the streams that flow into it. The project at Panguitch Lake will
ensure that this experience can continue for many years to come.

The lake is open to fishing now, and anglers who have a valid Utah fishing
license can catch and keep four trout of any size. Licenses are available
online at and from license agents and DWR offices.

Anglers under the age of 14 can fish without a license.

For more information, contact the DWR’s Southern Region office at (435)


  • At 11:37 AM, Anonymous TYler said…

    Wow that's a pretty ridiculous amount of trout to release at once, but I guess it'll leave the people up there with plenty of fish to catch over the coming years.


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