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Friday, June 16, 2006

US Superbike Series Comes to Utah

The Miller Motorsports racetrack will host the US Superbike series this weekend. Here’s what has to say about the event, and the new racetrack:

"Miller Motorsports Park is the best racetrack in America. Already." -- Neil Hodgson.

The Miller Motorsports racetrack is new-brand new-and construction crews were still working on the facility earlier this week and will probably be working through the weekend to tie up last minute foibles. While all of the US Superbike teams have tested at Miller Motorsports Park, they're still trying to come on pipe in getting to terms with the place. The track is wide, fast and expansive and as the aforementioned Hodgson quote reveals, most of the riders are already spewing superlatives about the place.

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