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Friday, June 30, 2006

North Rim and Zion’s Kolob Terrace Reopen

The North Rim in Grand Canyon National Park will reopen Monday (7-3) after being closed because a wildfire cut off access via Hwy 67. Some 1,000 tourists and employees were stranded at the North Rim but were not threatened by the fire, which was burning many miles to the north. All those people were safely evacuated by last Wednesday.

The wildfire is still burning but is no longer close to the highway.

Meanwhile, crews have made progress battling a wildfire in Zion National Park. Most of the park and all major roads are open. The Kolob Terrace Road reopened today (6-30) after having been closed by the fire.

A National Park Service statement included this: “The Kolob Terrace Road reopened today (6/30/06), as well as the Smith Mesa and Dalton Wash Roads. The Lava Point Road, West Rim Trailhead Road and MIA Camp Road are still closed. All trails connected to the Kolob Terrace Road and in the Southwest Desert are closed. State Route 9 is open. All other roads in the park are open. Zion National Park and Springdale are open.”


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