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Monday, March 21, 2005

Cathedral in the Desert emerges from Lake Powell

The fabled Cathedral in the Desert is now high and dry – Lake Powell’s waters have receded to the point that the lake no longer engulfs the Cathedral's waterfall and sandy bottom.

Powell is now approaching its low point – the lake level will start to rise within a few weeks. With massive snowpack in drainage mountains, I don’t expect the lake to drop this low again during my lifetime.

I hope to boat into the area during the next week or two. I’ll post a photo when I get back.

Powell is a big, deep lake and offers plenty of opportunity for boating, even at this low level. Launch ramps are usable at Waheep, Bullfrog and Halls Crossing.

Cathedral in the Desert has become a rallying point for environmentalists seeking to restore Glen Canyon to its pre-lake condition. Some have long dreamed of the day when the Cathedral’s chambers would fully emerge from the lake.

The next few weeks will provide an opportunity to see Glen Canyon and Lake Powell as few have seen them. Whether you love or hate the lake, this is you chance to see amazing scenery usually covered by lake water.

- Dave Webb


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