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Monday, July 28, 2014

Flash Flood In Buckskin Gulch Plus Other News

Rain fell over much of Utah today and caused flooding in some areas. State Route 132 east of Nephi (Central Utah) was closed for a few hours after rain brought a mudslide over the road. The route has now reopened.

The video at right, shot today, shows a flash flood coming down Buckskin Gulch, in the Grand Staircase-Escalante area in southern Utah. Down canyon, Buckskin becomes very narrow, with sheer walls. It is often described as the longest slot canyon in the world. The Buckskin "slot" runs for some 13 miles. In that distance there is only one "escape spot" where normal humans can climb up the canyon wall. Anyone in the slot this afternoon would be in trouble.

So far, we haven't heard any reports of deaths or injuries. Travelers, hikers and canyoneers need to be especially carefully when there is a significant chance of thunderstorms.

The latest forecast says there may be more storms tomorrow and Wednesday, then again later in the week.

Nine Mile Canyon Rock Art Vandals Caught
In other news, BLM reports it has identified the two individuals who damaged ancient Native American rock art in Nine Mile Canyon. See this news release for full details. Below are excerpts.

After careful examination and analysis, the BLM assessed the damage and identified specific mitigation measures. BLM archaeologists estimated that restoration and repair efforts would cost approximately $1,500. A BLM law enforcement officer met with the youths and their family to discuss the seriousness of the incident. The family agreed to pay $1,500, which will be used to mitigate the damage caused by the juveniles' thoughtless vandalism.
One of the youths stated that he was sorry for his thoughtless actions and hoped that others would learn from his mistake. "I hope people try to think about the consequences and the effect their actions have on history," he said.


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