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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Camp Along Parade Route In Downtown Salt Lake City

Tomorrow evening people will roll out sleeping bags and set up camp along streets in downtown Salt Lake City, claiming their spot for the big Days of ’47 Parade that will be held Thursday morning.

The parade is just on of many activities that will be held in Salt Lake City and around the state on Thursday. This website has complete information. Here are a couple highlights:

The Days of ’47 Parade will be held on Thursday, July 24, 2014, in downtown Salt Lake City beginning at 9:00 am. For a new adventure, bring the kids, the sleeping bags and the hot dogs downtown on the evening of the 23rd. You can camp out on Salt Lake City streets along the route that evening. This is the biggest sleepover your family and friends will ever experience! Remember to bring enough water to keep everyone hydrated.

We have exciting things planned for the 2014 version of The Days of ’47 celebration, from the Royalty Pageant and Parade, to the Rodeo and all the other colorful events. Our 2014 celebration will be full of thrills and spills. Schedule your summer plans to take advantage of our many activities — most of which are free to the public. Grab your hat, pull on those boots and c’mon down!

Geology Festival This Weekend At Bryce Canyon

July 24th is a major holiday in Utah and celebrations will be held all around the state. But other activities will also draw attention, including the annual Geology Festival at Bryce Canyon National Park. Here are details:

On July 27‐28, 2012, Bryce Canyon National Park will be celebrating its most stunning resource, the geology. Known for its colorful and oddly shaped rock spires called "hoodoos," the area was established as a national park in 1928. Each year over a million visitors from all over the world come to the park to marvel at its beautiful scenery and delicate formations, unique on planet earth. (Hoodoo is pronounced with a "haunting" tone and the "h" is silent - ooooo-dewww)

The Geology Festival will offer daily ranger‐guided walks and talks in the canyon and on the rim, children's activities on geology, guided bus tours through the park, illustrated programs, geology and fossil tables and an exhibit of "Hoodoos Around the World."

Featured speakers include:
  • Dr. Robert Eves presents "Water, Rock, & Time - The Geologic Story of Zion National Park" (Friday)
  • Dr. Larry Davis presents "Mary Anning: Palaeontological Pioneer" (Saturday)


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