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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tour The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon - photo by Dave Webb
Right now conditions are excellent for hiking/biking/exploring Grand Canyon National Park. I was there last weekend and had a great time driving to viewpoints and hiking a few of the trails.

It was sunny, windy and warm during my trip. I hiked without a jacket and was very comfortable. Nights were cool, and I did put on a jacket after the sun went down. But it was never cold. There were tiny patches of snow in shady areas on the South Rim but they will melt fast.

(The North Rim will not open until mid-May, because it is located at a higher elevation and crews do not attempt to keep roads open during the snow season.)

I attended meetings of the Grand Circle Association. Every meeting is held at a different scenic destination and the hosts always line up great adventures. On this trip we were able to choose from guided hikes, bike treks and a helicopter tour. Of course, the National Geographic Visitor Center and I-Max theater were also recommended activities.

Not a bad way to spend a business trip.

I've spent many days hiking in the Grand Canyon - it is a favorite destination - but I could spend every weekend of my life there and never see it all. It's huge! Well, I guess you knew that, but it is an amazing place - a must see, in my book.

google street view
Google Street View Down the Canyon
Google has been taking street-level photos around the world and putting them on its maps website. It recently added the Grand Canyon - the bottom of the canyon - to the list of filmed attractions. Now, if you go to and search for the grand canyon, and select Street View, you can take a virtual tour of the canyon.

I spent an enjoyable half hour figuring it out and looking at a few of the photos, before I was called back to reality.

This is one of the many new articles about google's Grand Canyon photos.

- Dave Webb


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