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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Backpacking The Moab Area And Amazing Photography

Two website articles caught my attention today. The first describes backpacking opportunities in the Moab area. The second shows a stunning photo of Canyonlands National Park framed through Mesa Arch.

You can read the backpacking article here. Below are quotes:

Distances and duration will be limited by how much water can be carried. The Maze District of Canyonlands has limited permits.

Moving across the land requires strong ability to use map and compass and understanding the complicated passages of cliffs, fins and canyons. Be sure to create an itinerary and leave it behind with instructions of what to do should you fail to check-in on schedule from your backpacking jaunt.

The La Sal Mountains has streams for sufficient hydration. Just as one would in the desert, a means of treating found water to rid it of micro organisms for consumption must be carried and used.

You can see the Mesa Arch photo here. I wish we could embed it but it is copyrighted. It is worth a click.

- Dave Webb


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