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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Antelope Canyon Photo/Video Safari

Antelope Canyon is perhaps the most famous slot canyon in the world. It has smoothly sculpted walls that glow during the middle of the day when, sunlight penetrates to the canyon floor. Photos of the canyon appear on the pages of many books, magazines and calendars.

It is located on Navajo Nation Land near Page, just south of Lake Powell.

I was recently in Page and was invited to tour Antelope Canyon. I jumped at the chance - I've always wanted to shoot photos there but had never taken the time to schedule a tour. I had a great time and got a few nice photos.

I went with Antelope Canyon Tours, out of Page, and their guide made sure we had a good experience. I know the owner and she runs a top notch business.

Antelope Canyon Tours also sells hand-crafted items. They sell beads and other materials and give classes so people can learn to make their own necklaces and other jewelry.

I was able to get the photo that illustrates this post. I also shot video and put together the clip you see below.

If you are in Page, Antelope Canyon is definitely a worthwhile trip.

- Dave Webb


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