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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Now's The Time For A Great Utah Road Trip

Spring is the perfect time to hit the open road and tour our red rock desert country. Scenic byways in southern Utah are open and in good condition. The weather is perfect, with warm days and cool nights. Campgrounds and motels are open and most have plenty of room during this times of year. out of Toronto has this interesting article about Utah road trips. The article was apparently written by the paper's movie critic. Below we give the headline and then excerpts.

USA Travel: Utah offers great scenic routes

Scenic Highway 12 is a greatest-hits highway, going from Capital Reef National Park to Bryce Canyon National Parks, with a stretch of heart-stopping views in between. Near Grand Staircase National Monument and the town of Escalante, the road often simply falls away on one side or another — or both with staggering views down to the desert. My boyfriend and I drove that half-hour stretch several times so one could admire the view while the other kept eyes glued to the steep and winding road.

Just to the north of Escalante on Hwy. 24 near the town of Hanksville is Goblin Valley State Park, one of the weirdest and coolest places I’ve ever seen. It’s aptly named. The soft sandstone has been shaped by the wind into jutting formations called hoodoos and these ones look like space invaders, ghosts or, yes, goblins rising from the red sand floor of the shallow canyon. They’re varying sizes and just beg to be climbed on or posed beside.

Just a couple of clarifications. Goblin Valley is not located north of the town of Escalante. It is quite a ways east of Escalante, north of the town of Hanksville.

The article also refers to Arches as a state park. It is in fact quite a famous US National Park.


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