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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Snowshoe Utah's Uinta Mountains

The Uinta Mountain Range includes Utah’s highest peaks, which are surrounded by hundreds of square miles of roadless wilderness. During warm weather the mountains are a playground for hikers, backpackers, photographers, hunters and fishermen.

During the winter, deep snow covers the mountains making them all but inaccessible. A few roads approach the mountains, and some are open for snowmobile travel. But snowmobiles are prohibited on most roads and in the entire wilderness area.

A few people venture into the mountains on cross country skies and snowshoes. has this article that features snowshoe trails off Hwy 150 east of Kamas. It describes these trails:
  • Pine Valley Trail
  • Pine Valley Trail
  • Norway Flat Road
  • Mine Trail
  • Taylor Fork and Plantation Trails Loop
The article provides extensive information about snow shoeing in the area, along with general tips. Below are excerpts.

The western side of this range is just 30 minutes from downtown Park City and an hour from Salt Lake City, but it’s a veritable world apart from these metropolises. A few miles beyond Kamas, the Uinta Mountains become service-less, uninhabited, and quiet. A day or more of snowshoeing here is what I call walking on the wild side.

he Beaver Creek Trail is groomed for both cross-country skiers and snowshoers. Please respect all users by walking on the outer edge of the groomed track. Some of the ungroomed trails are used by skiers as well. If you encounter a ski track on an ungroomed trail, kindly snowshoe to one side of it.

If you wish to tackle the wild side of the Uinta Mountains with a guide, hire one in Park City, Utah.

Be sure to check avalanche danger if you head into this wild country.


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