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Monday, December 19, 2011

Utah Cities Rank High For Business Environments

The Milken Institute has released a study ranking US cities for business conditions and Salt Lake, Provo, Ogden and Logan all show strongly.

This article summarizes the Milken report. Below are excerpts.

The Milken Institute today announced that three of Utah’s large metro cities — Salt Lake City (#6), Provo (#9) and Ogden (#15) — all ranked among the nation’s top 25 locations for business. Among small cities Logan, Utah ranked #1.

In unveiling the annual “Best Performing Cities” report, the Milken Institute recognized that Utah was the only state in the nation to double its export volume over the past five years. On last year’s report, only one Utah city broke into the top 25. This year, Salt Lake City jumped 49 spots to reach #6. The #1 spot in large metro cities was captured by San Antonio, Texas. Recently, Salt Lake City, along with San Antonio, was recognized in Fortune Magazine as two of the 15 most business friendly cities in the world, interestingly enough, they were the only two U.S. cities so recognized by the leading financial publication.

Salt Lake City Mayor, Ralph Becker noted, “This report, which evaluates our City’s performance on a basis of job growth, wages and GDP, corroborates what we’ve known for some time: Salt Lake City is securing its position as a regional powerhouse. Milken’s findings, combined with outstanding efforts at the state level and our ongoing work to establish sustainable communities; the best public transit in the country; and a one-of-a-kind neo-urban lifestyle, reflect a Capital City on the move now, and into the future.


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