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Monday, October 10, 2011

Wagon Train Commemorates The Birthday Of St George City

It will take them about 8 days to travel from Parowan (located north of Cedar City) to St George. Some are traveling in horse-drawn wagons, some are pulling handcarts, some riding horseback and some simply walking. There are about 300 of them, involved in a reenactment ceremony to commemorate the 150-year anniversary of the settlement of St. George.

Parowan served as a staging area for Mormon pioneers called to settle the St George area. The original trip was made by about 900 settlers in two waves in November and December 1861.

The Salt Lake Tribune has this article about the wagon trail. Below are excerpts.

After parading down Main Street in Parowan as part of the town’s Fall Festival, Saturday’s wagon train used back roads to roll into nearby Enoch where they made their first camp.

Beginning on Monday (today) the group will head south on back highways and across public and private lands in Iron and Washington counties, hoping to arrive in Ivins, just north of St. George, on Friday.

On Saturday the wagon train will parade through Santa Clara and into St. George for a festive ending at Worthen Park.

A documentary of the journey by the modern-day pioneers is being filmed and will be included with interviews of St. George residents talking about their heritage, said Carlos Robles, special projects coordinator for St. George.

He said the wagon train experience and interviews will also be chronicled in a book that should be available to the public in January.


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